Our Mission

Our Mission

29 Nov, 2021
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IMD vision offers a vast range of expendable components/ parts/ items/ assemblies across a multitude of company search engines. MROs can use the company’s purchasing/delivery services, which include consignment, kitting, Kanban, and ad hoc orders. All orders can be submitted via email.

IMD consignment in the repair facility saves time on shipment, and parts are readily available, even if demand fluctuates.

The kits are designed to be delivered directly to the operator on the shop floor, saving time and effort. MRO will be able to log in to place orders, review their order histories, track products shipped, and check on IMD’s “live stock” as IMD develops an e-commerce platform. IMD logistic dispensation is so easy to operate once a client order the parts, the history is created to facilitate the clients requirements and could provide past reference to their orders/ shipments etc…, “live-stock” availability of the related parts are depicted on IMD e-commerce platform.

IMD pool of components/parts / assemblies etc.. caters to all major military, civil and commercial aircrafts. Maintains a ready stock of 1 billion components / parts / assemblies at any given time. which helps its customers to shop all its related requirements under one roof, without wasting time to scout for various parts through various agencies.

IMD’s capacity to develop on-site teams and connect with the MRO will result in enhanced support levels, fewer parts shortages, more reliability, and better dispatch reliability.

Our mission is to provide excellence in responsiveness, dependability, and resourcefulness — so our customers can rest assured they are receiving the best and most competitively priced products and services.


Integrity — At IMD, we realize integrity is the cornerstone of every successful business and partnership. We and our network partners are committed to delivering the best service and quality products for the best price. Our goal is to be committed to doing whatever it takes to help achieve their bottom line. As a result, establishing a long-term trustworthy, cost-effective, relationship with our customers, who vouch for IMD’s integrity.

Mission-Focused — As a company, our goal is to maintain a level of excellence and resourcefulness at every level — keeping in mind that our customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate sign of our success. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and networking partners by forging a partnership in the aviation industry that is built on mutual respect and trust.

Dependability — Our focus on dependability is among the characteristics that set IMD apart from its competition. IMD is dedicated to meeting your requirements in a timely manner. You will find that your aviation needs are in good hands — from the time of your request to its delivery.



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